Construction supervision

In construction supervision and construction management, we support you from the beginning of the project through project control, local construction supervision and safety management on the construction site to project completion.


The project management takes over the organization and coordination of all planners and executing companies involved in the project and thus becomes the tool of a successful realization of a project. Through the experience, assertiveness and social competence of our team, these management tasks of controlling all interfaces in the project are incorporated. 


In the local construction supervision, our team coordinates the executing companies on the construction site. This ensures the execution qualities of these companies as well as compliance with deadlines and costs, which are the focus on every construction site. Compliance with the legal obligations of the Construction Site Coordination Act rounds off the range of services offered by construction supervision.

Accompanying inspection

The accompanying control is located in the project organization as a staff unit directly among the clients and thus represents their interests vis-à-vis all project participants. As an accompanying control, we monitor and control complex construction projects in the second instance and thus avoid self-control in the operational project team.


The accompanying control checks and controls costs, deadlines and qualities, with the advantages of an external position, away from the operational project team and reports directly to the client at regular intervals, with a focus on cost-effectiveness, economy, practicality, functional adequacy and others

Building physics and engineering

Our aim is to think one step further in terms of classical building physics services and to generate added value through comprehensive cooperation with other disciplines. In addition to classic tasks such as hygrothermal calculations, energy balancing and building acoustic planning, this also includes detailed analysis in the context of building physics (building simulation, room climate analysis, immission assessments, sound measurements).


The focus is always on the durability and fault tolerance as a basic technical requirement, high room functionality and comfort (thermal, visual, acoustic comfort) as added value for the user and energy efficiency, low resource consumption and cost minimization in the sense of a forward-looking, climate-friendly construction.

Fire protection planning

The aim of our fire protection planning is to realize your projects and ideas and to meet the legal protection goals. We also take aspects of sustainability and ecological building materials, such as timber construction, into account. It makes sense to consider the building early in the planning process in order to define the appropriate measures. This includes, among other things, the definition of escape routes and necessary stairwells, structural measures such as fire compartments and fire flashovers, as well as technical system measures for smoke extraction, detection and alarming, as well as initial and extended extinguishing aid. We are able to provide efficient, goal-oriented solutions through close, holistic collaboration with our other departments.

Sustainability, building ecology, green building

Thinking into the future: We are committed to taking environmentally friendly aspects into account when planning and building. With our expertise, we accompany and advise our clients from the planning to the implementation of construction projects.


Balancing procedures and ecological building valuations such as e.B. CO22-Balancing, OI3 evaluations up to holistic building certification are just as much a part of our service profile as consulting in special topics of climate-friendly construction.


In order to fully exploit the potential of the possibilities and also the cost-effectiveness of the measures, we offer an early integration of sustainable construction into the planning process.


Let's think the world "greener"!

Digitisation, simulation, automation, development

In cooperation with project partners, digital platforms, tools and processes have become indispensable. A corresponding further development of digital tools, automated workflows and simulation-supported planning aids lies in the


The application of modern planning methods (BIM) as well as the development of in-house planning tools not only increases the efficiency in cooperation, but also creates space for a higher quality standard in the processing of


Existing digital processes for automation, tool development and R&I are implemented in real construction projects in order to offer integral and interdisciplinary added value.

Report & expert opinion

Preservation of evidence of existing buildings

Expert opinions for insurance companies

Property developer confirmation according to BTVG

Assessment of construction defects and structural damage

Valuation report / market value report

Final Review Log for Completion Display

Remediation concepts and calculation of damage levels

Diagnosis of crack damage

Assessment of water and mould damage

Technical construction inspections

value appraisal

Energy design

The creation of sustainable energy systems in times of the energy transition means taking responsibility and living this responsibility with passion and professionalism. The spectrum of our activities extends from conception and planning to production supervision and support of innovative alternative energy plants. Digitalization, research and teaching offer a solid basis for the creation of efficient energy systems in harmony with high user comfort, low life cycle costs and conservation of valuable resources.

Research and innovation

The range of services provided in research and development is divided into the following areas: contract research / development and cooperative research projects. These can be carried out as consortium management or as research partners. 


Digitisation: Software Development, Blockchain Applications, Digital Building Twin.


Simulations: Simulation of structural structures / in the field of building physics.


Energy Design Building optimizations, alternative energy supplies.


Building ecology: Ecological building, reuse – reduce – recycling, resource-saving construction

Real estate appraisal

Our clients receive property-specific expertise from an independent third party, an appraisal that complies with the respective legal framework, as well as an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the property. Regardless of whether it is about land, one- and two-family houses, condominiums, rental houses, apartment buildings, industrial and commercial properties, retail parks, shopping centers, operator properties or utility value appraisals.

Real estate brokerage

With competence and commitment to ensure sustainable success.

From the brainstorming and project development to the creation of usage concepts, various studies and due diligence checks to comprehensive client advice and handover/mediation, we are at your side as part of our property development activities in all questions of the entire life cycle of a property.

In doing so, we rely on holistic implementation, an internal network of renowned experts and consistent partnerships in finance and

Infrastructure construction

Taking into account the environment, nature and road safety, we design road constructions and bridge objects. In all our projects, we always use our experience, competence and creativity in the sense of sustainability and the ReUse idea.


In this way, we prepare traffic problems on the basis of careful surveys, traffic concepts and traffic reports. For bridge objects that exceed the service life and are confronted with constantly increasing traffic requirements, we provide renovation proposals and implement planning and execution monitoring. Flood protection structures in the form of culvert structures including the associated retention basins are also part of our wide range of services. 

Project development

From the elaboration of efficient usage concepts and project studies to the clarification of expected investment costs, the graphic preparation of planning documents, the clarification of any funding opportunities and the execution of technical due diligence checks for the purchase and sale of real estate to the valuation and examination of economic and legal framework conditions, we want to ensure the success of your real estate project from the beginning. We proudly look back on consulting projects in the real estate sector and the successful solution of associated issues and are already looking forward to new in-house projects as well as exciting plans and visions of third parties.

Structural engineering

Together with the architects, we use various materials such as reinforced concrete, steel, wood and glass to create a supporting structure that meets both the technical and design specifications. Resource-saving and economical constructions are the focus of the structural analysis. A functioning interplay between architects and engineers is essential.


The use of new planning technologies such as BIM and LEAN results in innovative structural solutions that meet the economic and ecological requirements of the client as well as the architects' designs.