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Woschitz Engineering is a civil engineering office for construction management, headquartered in Eisenstadt and Oberwart. Thanks to many years of activity in the building industry we see ourselves as an innovative engineering company. And becasue of our experience and competences we are able to develop extraordinary-outstanding, creative and complex projects. We successfully combine knowledge and experience from successfully completed projects with new ideas for progressive construction methods and building technology.

The present company emerged in 2005 from the Vasko-Woschitz Engineering ZT GmbH, through the conection of civil engineering office of DI Wolfgang Vasko and the Office of Dipl.-Ing. 1999 Dr. techn. Richard Woschitz. The core of the business is the statics and building physics. Today Woschitz Engineering is the partner for Burgenland, but also for the neighboring regions of Western Hungary, Niederösterreich und Steiermark.

We offer services in the fields of structural engineering, construction controlling, construction management (site supervision according BauKG), energy design, and project development for buildings and infrastructure projects. Our philosophy puts the building itself in the center of attention. As general consultant, we deliver the optimal complementary technical support to architectural ideas. The client chooses the architect and design, we bring the innovative competence for turning the ideas into reality in symbiosis with the architects and ist expectations.

This philosophy has proven itself in many projects and produced very satisfactory results for all concerned. Our references include municipal buildings, construction of a modern thermal health spa, hotels, office buildings, residential buildings, industrial buildings and civil engineering structures.

Management Eisenstadt

Dipl.-Ing. Dr.-techn. Richard Woschitz, MRICS

Ing. Walter Pichler, Prokurist
Office manager

Team Eisenstadt

Barbara Ernst, B.A.
Accounting / Office Management

Katrin Koller
Office Management

Manuela Raschl
Office Management

Raphaela Pucher
Office Management

Prok. DI Paul Moritz
Head of department structural planning

Prok. DI (FH) Martin Mayer
Head of department construction management

Team Construction Management

Prok. DI (FH) Martin Mayer, BM Ing. Gunter Artner, Stefan Gaal BSc, DI Georg Hrabanek BSc, Ing. Christopher Kern, DI (FH) Michael Meister

Team Structural Engineering

Prok. DI Paul Moritz, Prok. Ing. Walter Pichler, DI Stephan Berger, Ing. Harald Kornfehl, Ing. Erwin Schellauf, DI Zsolt Szarnyas, BM Ing. Stefan Weidinger, Ing. Christopher Wittmann, DI Martin Zachs, BSc

Management Oberwart

Ing. Mario Bauer
Branch Management, Prokurist

Team Oberwart

Egon Röhrling
Office Management

Michaela Seper (currently maternity leave)
Office Management

Petra Vorraber
Accounting / Office Management

Prok. Ing. Mario Bauer
Head of department structural planning

Prok. BM Ing. Roman Ringhofer
Head of department Infrastructure construction

Prok. Ing. Philipp Seper
Head of department construction management

Prok. DI (FH) Peter Weinzettl
Head of department Energydesign

Team Construction Management

Prok. Ing. Philipp Seper, Ing. Andrea Gottweis

Team Structural Engineering

Prok. Ing. Mario Bauer, Ing. Martin Huisbauer

Team Energydesign

Prok. DI (FH) Peter Weinzettl, Clemens Bachmayer, Thomas Baldasti, Paul Erdely BSc., DI (FH) Gerald Peischl, Thomas Szuborics, Michael Woschitz

Team Infrastructure construction

Prok. BM. Ing. Roman Ringhofer,  Michaela Mandler, Christine Oswald BM Ing. Bernd Schermann, David Seper


Structural Engineering

We create toghther with architects out of various materials such as reinforced concrete, steel or wood structures that meets both technical and design specifications. Here a functioning interaction between architects and engineers is essential.

Neither should the construction be determined by architecture, nor vice versa. Ideal for all involved partys, therefore, is to identify and explore the possibilities of the support structure already in the planning phase and include them effectively. From the first moment of the brainstorming and idea finding, we work, and think toghether with the architects to come up with the best technical implementation, and thanks to our know-how team we implement the formal language of the architects appropriately.

In this way we develope innovative structural concepts and solutions that meet both requirements of the client as well as the architects.

Building Physics

Based on our long-term experience in building physics and a wide range of knowledge in economic efficiency around construction projects our goal is to optimize the energy consumption respectively decrease the needs without compromising the life quality. Especially in view of rising energy prices it is economically recomanded and will gain importance in the future.

Besides the purely economic aspects we also keep a close eye on environmental impact. The sustainability of the measures implemented are a key element/ central objective for us.

Our solution capability in the area of physics includes not only thermal issues, but also the sound insulation and fire protection. In tangible terms, we also create the building pass, which contains a wider range of information than the conventional energy certificates.

Construction Management

We offer since 1999  services of building support in accordance to  the Act on the Coordination of Construction Works (BauKG), as well as the overall package of the local construction supervision and construction managemnet.  Our companies are involved in executive functions on a project or building. We take over the site supervision and coordination on the construction site in order to ensure the proper execution of the work and as well the fulfillment of conditions.

The Woschitz Group in Burgenland has a leading role. Following the dialogue with the labor Inspectorate initial findings from the construction work coordination have already been included in the legal texts.


Client / Developer Consulting

We provide comprehensive construction management consulting services for the  developer/owner in his duties and responsibilities as a builder through our knowledge, our experience and expertise in the field of the construction and real estate industry. Thus we enable the public and private owners even those  who operate outside the sectore, to make competent and sustainable choices during the development, the construction and use of a building.

Our goal is to realize the proposed project in accordance with the wishes and requirements in a apropriate quality, efficiently and commercially feasible  using the vast and longtime experience for public institutions as well as for private builders.

From the concept through development, implementation and use to disposal or Recycling – providing all of these services in all stages from a single source and rely on its own know-how – the associate offices of Woschitz-Group and a team of qualified and experienced specialists in the field of construction and real estate industry realise your projects


Since the founding of the first office we deal with the topic of energy and building climatology. Namely, both the so-called process energy as well as the primary energy that must be spent in order to be able to work with a particular material.

For us it is not just a metter of coresponding to the building regulations. Rather, we develop alternative energy concepts by which the process energy ca be reduced to a minimum or even representing a positive component. Through holistic energy and technology concepts at building and room level we are able to achieve optimal energy efficiency for new buildings and refurbishments.

We consider also very important the interdisciplinary consultation regarding the energy supply, sustainability and economic efficiency concerning technical building equipments. So we place special importance on all-round and competent consultation beyond the limits and borders of the departments supply and disposal technology.

Infrastructure Construction

Involving the environment, nature and the traffic safety, we design roads and bridges in accordance with the to the very latest state of the art. Always with the incentive of being able to prove our experience, competence and creativity in each project.

We create in case of traffic problems, based on ongoing surveys and analyses trafic concepts and valuations. For old bridges objects that must face the continuously increasing vehicle loads, we carry out verifications, provide renovation proposals, take care of the tenders and take over the construction management. Flood protection structures in form of passage structures with continuously adjustable protect for controlling the flow volumes are also part of our broad-spectrum.

Project Development

The real estate development is one of the youngest business lines of Woschitz Group. Hereby we accomodate our investors in residential and community buildings wich are looking for interesting and economically worthwhile projects. Our target area is the growth region in the estern border region of Austria and neighboring countries.

Two main factors are the guarantees of a licensable implementation of our projects. First, we have 20 years experience in Burgenland and the border regions and the knowledge about the given situation in the region. Second, we bring our highly technical know-how and a network of partners, such as architects. Our every project proposal is based on facts and can be proven, thus offer our investors better basis for decision-making.

Research & Innovation

Through exceptional pilot projects, we make an active and valuable contribution to innovation. So we have developed for the B61a Pullendorfer Straße a single span integral bridge, which will be implemented as a bridge family of three similar systems.

The main point of modeling was the ilustration of a strong haunched bridge abutment. Besides classical calculation using beams and shell elements finite volume elements (tetrahedral) were also used for comparative calculations.

The Franz Liszt Concert Hall is regarding to the inovative facade system of a pilot project. Herby we used all the manufacturing acumulated experience in order to transform an individual approval into an inspected and a high-quality system with all of the required inspections and cetificates.

Through the „eNNOVATION“  project should be achieved a functioning know-how and technology transfer between science and industry. The knowledge gained from external sources should in the future be even faster usable, research and development results utilized more quickly. This involves not just a tranfer of knowledge, but the creations through know-how consolidation and synthesis added value and new knowledge.


Here are some of the most important projects in which we were involved over the years.

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