Research & Innovation

Through exceptional pilot projects, we make an active and valuable contribution to innovation. So we have developed for the B61a Pullendorfer Straße a single span integral bridge, which will be implemented as a bridge family of three similar systems.

The main point of modeling was the ilustration of a strong haunched bridge abutment. Besides classical calculation using beams and shell elements finite volume elements (tetrahedral) were also used for comparative calculations.

The Franz Liszt Concert Hall is regarding to the innovative facade system a pilot project. Herby we used all the manufacturing acumulated experience in order to transform an individual approval into an inspected and a high-quality system with all of the required inspections and cetificates.

Through the „eNNOVATION“  project should be achieved a functioning know-how and technology transfer between science and industry. The knowledge gained from external sources should in the future be even faster usable, research and development results utilized more quickly. This involves not just a tranfer of knowledge, but the creations through know-how consolidation and synthesis added value and new knowledge.