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Sports and culture hall made of wood

In Neutal a new sports and culture hall with 37 meters length and 18 meters wide was built. Except for a lateral extension made of concrete, the entire structure was built of wood. The scale-like outer shell was designed as a waler construction with glulam columns, while the inner walls, intermediate ceilings and roof were made of cross laminated timber.

The building offers space for a spacious hall with mobile grandstand construction, which can also be used for sporting events. Due to the different uses, special requirements regarding sound insulation arose, which were solved with acoustic panels on the roof as well as on the outer walls. Furthermore, the building contains all necessary ancillary rooms for proper use, such as cloakroom, technical rooms, buffet, WCs and storage.

The technical rooms and cloakrooms made of cross laminated timber are located at the two front sides of the building and are spanned by the cantilevered roof. This was also constructed as a shed construction from cross laminated timber and the individual elements were prefabricated on the construction site. A total of five sheds span the hall, which were lifted one after the other onto the load bearing, longitudinally tensioned glulam beams. Thus, the entire timber construction could be erected in only three weeks. The supports are 20cm wide, 40cm deep and are arranged at about 5.5 meters. The roof spans a length of 18 meters.

The transom construction of the facade stretches horizontally between the individual columns and was delivered to the construction site pre-elemented in three sections over the height and bolted to the columns. This enabled the rapid formation of the individual “sheds” of the façade.

All in all, the newly built event centre in Neutal with its special facade and roof construction is an impressive new building visible from afar and an intelligent solution in terms of the desired requirements for the community.

The client of the project was the municipality of Neutal. The architectural office Solid architecture ZT GmbH was responsible for the architectural design. RWT plus ZT GmbH contributed with its services in the field of structural design and building physics. Woschitz Engineering ZT GmbH was responsible for the project as general consultant as well as for structural design, energy design, local construction supervision (ÖBA), construction supervision according to BauKG and site coordination. Both companies are members of the Woschitz group GmbH.


Photos © Kurt Kuball

Information zu Projekt:

Dankowitschstraße 1, 7343 Neutal
Gemeinde Neutal
Solid architecture ZT GmbH
2018 - 2020
Construction Management, Building Physics, Energydesign, Structural Engineering

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  • RWT Plus
  • Woschitz Engineering