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Spare quarters Torricelligasse for NMS Kinkplatz

Modular wood-steel-construction

The alternative school Torricelligasse 50 in 1140 Vienna was able to stand out as a sustainable flagship project in the category “Real Estate Projects” of the Green & Blue Building Awards 2017. This “mobile property” in modular prefabricated wood-steel-construction, which was developed and realized by WIP Wiener Infrastruktur Projekt GmbH on behalf of the City of Vienna – MA56 – Viennese Schools, can be dismantled up to five times and moved to another location being constructed. The architects Maurer & Partner and Raumkunst  planned the ecologically high-quality and modular alternative accommodation of the New Middle School at Kinkplatz, which was built in a short construction period of about seven months. Completion took place in September 2017. The general contractor for this project is ÖSTU-STETTIN Hoch- und Tiefbau GmbH.


For around five years, the building will be used as a substitute accommodation during the refurbishment of the school at Kinkplatz. The building is equipped with management and teaching facilities, classes, all ancillary rooms and a sports area and meets all the requirements of a modern school operation. Divided into three interconnected components, the building made of wood and steel offers a gross floor area of ​​approx. 6,000 m², with a lift providing barrier-free access to all rooms. The room cells are prefabricated in a strict, even grid. They can be reassembled at a different location in a different arrangement, which guarantees a high degree of flexibility in reuse. The wood used for the space cells and for the façade comes from an ecologically and socially operated forest management and carries both the FSC and the PEFC seal of quality. The full-surface larch wood facade, like the room cells, can be dismantled and reused. External venetian blinds serve as sun protection and contribute to a particularly pleasant room climate.


The room cells are mainly used in the classrooms or in the two class files. In the area of ​​the gym, only the middle two-storey part of the building was constructed in this way, the rest of the construction was implemented in solid wood construction. The room cells consist of a frame construction of steel tubes, which are filled with wooden beams. Each room cell has a floor and ceiling level, this gives a double-shell construction of these false ceilings (dividing ceilings) and thus also meets the increased sound insulation requirements. The room cells were placed directly on strip foundations or on elevated reinforced concrete beams. In view of the required dismantling, the foundation elements were reduced to a minimum, i. in the higher elevated areas, individual foundations were constructed in a larger grid, the double grid of the spatial cells. In addition to the classrooms converted into space cell construction, the connecting and the gymnasium tract were built in solid wood construction. These two structures were adapted to the local development situation and can be rebuilt only conditionally or after appropriate adaptation work at another location. The roof structure above the gym was designed as a wood ribbed ceiling due to the large span.

At this project RWTplus is responsible for the structural engineering and Woschitz Engineering is responsible for energydesign and construction management. These companies are members of the WOSCHITZ GROUP.

Photos © C. Woschitz

Information zu Projekt:

1140 Wien
Stadt Wien - MA56 –Wiener Schulen
Project Management
WIP – Wiener Infrastruktur Projekt GmbH
Architects Maurer & Partner, Raumkunst
ÖSTU-STETTIN Hoch- und Tiefbau GmbH
Structural Engineering, Building Physics, Construction Management, Energydesign

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