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Skywalk Rennweg 44-46

The bridge is designed as a steel construction with welded profiles. Based on the static system, the support structure corresponds to a trussed beam from which the walking surface is suspended. The roof and floor level are developed as horizontal frameworks and transfer the horizontal loads (wind, beam load) to the existing structure.

The bridge is supported by the existing structure at property Rennweg 44 in the area of the top chord and at property 46 in the area of the lower chord.  The fixed bearing in the longitudinal direction is developed at property Rennweg 44. With regard to this connection, the loads on the bridge are transferred via a cross girder to the underlying existing reinforced concrete columns.

This project was implemented by RWTplus, a member of the WOSCHITZ GROUP.

Photos © Günter Kressler

Information zu Projekt:

1030 Vienna
Austrian Lotteries
SOLID architecture ZT GmbH
Kamper Stahlbau GesmbH
General Consulant, Inspection Engineer

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  • RWT Plus