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Wooden Residential Complex

The residential complex St. Egyden consists of five independent houses. Each of these buildings adds one or two upper floors to the ground floor. A garden is attached to each apartment on the ground floor. In addition, a pram storage room is located on the ground floor of each house. To improve the social fabric as well as the infrastructure, the first three buildings house additional social areas. The first building is equipped with a social room and an adjoined doctor’s room. In the second building, a grocery store offers various products for daily use. The third house provides the bicycle storage room for the whole complex.

To achieve the ecological requirements of the future residents, each apartment was built with walls using a waler construction. These walls, as well as the beams, are made of glulam. The floor slabs and the roof construction were erected of cross-laminated timber boards. Each apartment is given an open space in the form of a balcony, loggia or terrace. They are arranged in a surrounding beam construction. The sustainable idea of timber construction is preserved by using cross-laminated timber boards for pillars, beams and floors. The safety for the users is guaranteed by railings made from metal and by bannisters with posts made from larch slats.

The accessibility and the comfort for all residents are ensured and increased by elevators in each building. These elevators are integrated into the staircases. The walls of the stairways and the elevator shafts are made of cross-laminated timber boards. The staircase is built using prefabricated reinforced concrete elements. The entire shell of the building also consists of cross-laminated timber boards; thus, it excellently integrates the five cuboids into the untouched landscape, which is close to a forest.

The owner and client of the project was Niederösterreichisches Friedenswerk Gemeinnützige Siedlungsgesellschaft mbH. The architects of g.o.y.a ZT GmbH created the architectural design of the wooden building. Handler Bau GmbH was in charge of the construction of this residential complex. RWT plus ZT GmbH and DWP ZT GmbH, both are members of the Woschitz Group, were responsible for the structural design.

Photos © C. Woschitz

Information zu Projekt:

St. Egyden, 2731 Neusiedl am Steinfeld
Frieden Gemeinn. Bau- und Siedlungsgen.
g.o.y.a. ZT Ges.m.b.H.
Handler Bau GmbH
2016 - 2019
Structural Engineering

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  • DWP Ingenieure
  • RWT Plus