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Centrally Situated Residential Complex in Wr. Neustadt

The municipality of Wiener Neustadt is pleased about a new residential complex in the Schilfgasse. Ten residential units – each with a balcony – offer modern living space for their residents. A spacious swimming pool on the roof provides an area for sportive activities.

The building without a basement is four storeys high. The car parking is located on the ground floor. The three residential levels above provide the individual residential units. The foundation consists of strip and individual foundations. The building is constructed in solid construction. The load-bearing walls are made of bricks or reinforced concrete. Each ceiling between the floors is made using reinforced concrete ceiling elements. The horizontal bracing of the complex is provided by the staircase and the wall panels, which are also the partition walls between each apartment. The architectural highlights of the building are the balconies, which are made using semi-prefabricated elements, and a recessed top floor, which allocates space for terraces. The roof construction is designed as a casket lid.

The site owner was GWS Neunkirchen Kommunal Planungs-, Errichtungs- und Servicegesellschaft mbH. The architectural design was provided by Josef Panis GmbH & Co KG. DWP ZT GmbH, a member of the Woschitz Group, was in charge of the structural design.


Photos © C. Woschitz


Information zu Projekt:

Schilfgasse 3 + 5, 2700 Wiener Neustadt
GWS Neunkirchen Kommunal
Josef Panis GmbH & Co KG
2016 - 2019
Structural Engineering

Umgesetzt mit:

  • DWP Ingenieure