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Residential building Krautgartenweg Eisenstadt

The former building of the social insurance of the farmers was bought by the OSG and was rebuilt into a modern residential building according to the plans of the architectural office Halbritter & Halbritter ZT GmbH. The 44 apartments are mainly small apartments, i.e. start-up apartments for young people or also for the older generation. The new staggered floor houses modern apartments with spacious roof terraces.

In this project, a derelict office building was gutted down to the shell and completely renovated. In the process, the advancing soil sealing was sustainably contained. The extension of the apartments on the top floor was realized in timber frame construction. In addition, a corresponding open space was created for each apartment by means of curtain balconies.

Woschitz Engineering ZT GmbH, a company of the Woschitz group, was responsible for the structural design and the technical building equipment, the complete planning spectrum of the building physics was covered by RWT plus ZT GmbH. Both are members of the Woschitz Group.

Photo © C. Woschitz

Information zu Projekt:

Krautgartenweg 4, 7000 Eisenstadt
Oberwarter Siedlungsgenossenschaft
Architekten Halbritter und Halbritter
Building Physics, Structural Engineering, Energydesign

Umgesetzt mit:

  • RWT Plus
  • Woschitz Engineering