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Modern community centre for Raiding

A modern and forward-looking community centre has been built in Raiding. The village character of Raiding has not been lost thanks to the architecture by Halbritter & Hillerbrand ZT GmbH. The project was implemented by the Oberwarter Siedlungsgenossenschaft.

The old Raiding municipal office was from the post-war period and no longer met today’s requirements. Therefore, the municipal council decided to build a new building. The new Raiding community centre was built opposite the birthplace of the composer Franz Liszt, who was born here in 1811. The central building comprises a total of four units: A modern municipal administration, a catering area, a Liszt library for the collected Liszt materials of the Raiding Liszt Society as well as an ordination in cooperation with the Raiding Care Competence Centre.

Woschitz Engineering ZT GmbH was responsible for the structural planning and energy design. RWT plus ZT GmbH contributed with their services in the field of building physics. Both companies are members of the Woschitz Group.

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Information zu Projekt:

Neubau Gemeindezentrum Raiding
OSG - Oberwarter Siedlungsgenossenschaft
Halbritter & Hillerbrand
2017 - 2020
Energydesign, Building Physics, Structural Engineering

Umgesetzt mit:

  • Woschitz Engineering
  • RWT Plus