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Open Elementary School Christian-Bucher-Gasse

The school complex which has existed since 1952 was renovated, and an extension was added. Actually, the building provides space for 425 pupils. This was achieved by adding five classrooms. In addition, a new gymnasium and refectory are located in the extension.

The reconstruction was done without disrupting the regular school routine by using the step-by-step implementation. After the demolition of the existing building, two new buildings were erected. These works took place in several stages and ended with the refurbishment of the existing building which remains. The construction phase was reduced by applying short individual periods and using timber construction for the two-storey classroom wing and the wing of the gymnasium. The gymnasium wing was partly erected as a reinforced concrete construction. The ground floor and its ceiling were made of reinforced concrete with a solid base.

The gymnasium which overhangs the entrance is designed as a wooden box using cross-laminated timber panels. The cantilever’s forces are transferred via the wall plates made of solid cross-laminated timber panels. The transmission of the thrust is achieved by a butt joint between the individual wooden panels by specially shaping interlocking which is the result of the high accuracy of the attached panels.

The former gymnasium in the remaining building is now only used as an event location. To emphasise its use, the new roof construction is made of two visible main beams of cross-laminated timber panels. The remaining building is connected to the extension on the upper floor by a bridge which is also designed as a wooden construction. It also serves as a gallery during events.

The client and partner within this project was the MA 19 as an administrative authority of the City of Vienna. The architectural implementation was done by the architect Michael Schluder and the team of architects of the Dietrich | Untertrifaller ZT GmbH. The executing construction company was Porr Bau GmbH. Herbitschek GmbH did the timber construction. RWT plus ZT GmbH was in charge of the structural design and the building physics. RWT plus ZT GmbH is a member of the Woschitz Group.

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Information zu Projekt:

Christian-Bucher-Gasse 14, 1210 Wien
MA 19 - Magistrat der Stadt Wien
Schluder Architektur ZT GmbH
Dietrich | Untertrifaller ZT GmbH
Construction company
Porr Bau GmbH
Construction company
Herbitschek GmbH
2017 - 2019
Building Physics, Structural Engineering

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