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New OBI Building Eisenstadt

General information

Only a few metres away from the old subsidiary, a new OBI DIY store was built. It is located in Eisenstadt, Mattersburger Straße 29. The sales areas and the market design in the old subsidiary were no longer up to date. A 3,000 m² DIY store with a 1,000 m² warehouse for building materials was built in order to provide the whole product range in a customer-friendly manner. Besides, a 3,000 m² garden centre, which was opened in February 2019, was erected.


The new OBI market is a single-storey building which measures 67 m x 81 m. The entrance area is connected to a two-storey office and administration building. The whole complex is based on a high degree of prereplication regarding the supporting structure, the façade and the roof. As a consequence, it was possible to erect the whole complex during a short construction period of only ten months. The sales hall is entirely constructed using prefabricated reinforced concrete columns, glue-laminated timber trusses as well as prefabricated roof and façade elements. The office and administration building is erected using precast reinforced concrete compound units like cavity walls and hollow-core slabs. Due to the poor soil quality, the entire foundation was supported by using jacketed ductile piles. The substructure of the complex was stabilised using a lime-cement mixture. On the northern side of the building is the garden centre, which had already been erected the year before, located. It is erected using the lightweight steel construction method. To provide a sustainable supply of the electricity demand, a photovoltaic system was implemented on the roof.


The client was OBI Markt der Baustoffgroßhandel Michael Koch Ges.m.b.H. The – Bau- und Projektmanagement GmbH was in charge of the architectural design. The Woschitz Engineering ZT GmbH was responsible for the structural design and the activities of the planning coordinator and the construction site coordinator. RWT plus ZT GmbH was in charge of the building physics.


Photos ©, Bauwelt Koch