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Reconstruction, rehabilitation and extension of a kindergarten and a elementary school

KIGAGO – Arge Kindergartenoffensive

“All’s well that ends well”, said Mayor Ulrike Hille. In 2012, the project was started in the municipality of Desselbrunn / Upper Austria and in August a project of KIGAGO – Arge Kindergartenoffensive was ranked first in the competition. At the beginning of September 2016 the children’s campus was officially opened.

Synergy potential

The old stock consisted of three heterogeneous buildings, which were only partially connected with one another. A kindergarten, a elementary school and a sports hall remained in their respective functions and have been expanded in functional and spatial terms using the functional and spatial synergy potentials, rehabilitated and merged into one unit. This is how the KIDS CAMPUS DESSELBRUNN was born. A common “village square” leads to the representative entrance area with foyer. The newly built connection clasp occupies, on the one hand, four group spaces, which can be used by kindergarten as well as by the elementary school, on the other hand the central functions like foyer, kitchen and dining room. The corridors was thus minimized.

Wood construction

The outer walls of the kindergarten are built in wooden truss construction, the load-bearing inner walls and parts of the floor covering of planking, the floor cover and the roof are designed as glulam. There were about 220m2 of timber plywood, as well as about 450m2 of wooden back walls. The stock of the elementary school and the kindergarten was provided with new roof structures with a total of approximately 860 m2.

This project was implemented by RWTplus, a member of the WOSCHITZ GROUP.

Photos © Paschinger Architekten ZT KG

Information zu Projekt:

4693 Desselbrunn
Local community Desselbrunn
ARGE Generalübernehmer KIGA und VS Desselbrunn eww ag - Berger Bau GmbH; WRS
Structural Engineering, Building Physics

Umgesetzt mit:

  • RWT Plus