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Extension & thermal rehabilitation kindergarten Drassburg

Extension building

In the course of a non-basement extension, the existing kindergarten Draßburg was expanded to include a crèche for 15 children with adjoining rooms and an adjoining building with a usable area of ​​approx. The existing building already had three kindergarten groups with 25 children each. The childcare facility has a constructed area of ​​approx. 770 m² after completion of the work. Thus, the kindergarten, which covers a surface area of ​​approx. 2,407 m2, now consists of three kindergarten groups, a nursery, a movement room and the adjoining adjoining rooms. In the course of the work, a barrier-free access was created and also a barrier-free WC was built in kindergarten.

Construction and thermal renovation

The extension was built in reinforced concrete construction and the building received a full thermal insulation. The upper end is a heat-insulating flat roof with a covering of roofing foil and a gravel. The thermal renovation of the existing building started in spring 2014. The old uninsulated tin roof was demolished and also replaced by a heat-insulating foil roof with gravel. The old masonry was provided with a full thermal protection system, and the numerous existing projections and recesses in the facade were thereby emphasized. The thermal and energy renovation not only achieved a significant reduction in the heating requirement and increased comfort, but also a significant improvement (79%) in the thermal protection level.

The outdoor play areas (1.270 m2) have been redesigned, roofed by awnings in different colors and the enclosure has been renewed.

Management of construction works and positive effects

Construction management has been designed to minimize the disruption to day-to-day operations of the childcare facility. Through optimized building supervision, it was possible to avoid having to move into containers or similar alternative quarters. The gymnasium of the elementary school was used as a movement room. In addition, the educators but also provide a lot of exercise in nature. Numerous projects were implemented here, and not least because of this, the Kindergarten Draßburg was awarded the title “Nature Park Kindergarten” in June 2014 as Austria’s first kindergarten.

The opening took place on 30.08.2014 with the participation of governor Hans Niessl. “I would like to praise the fact that the cooperation with the construction companies under the construction management of Woschitz Engineering as well as the responsible speakers on the part of the country has been very professional and productive”, summed up mayor Ivancsits.

This project was implemented by Woschitz Engineering and RWTplus, which are members of the WOSCHITZ GROUP.

Photos © C. Woschitz

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Gemeinde Draßburg Orts- und Infrastrukturentwicklungs KEG
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