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Expansion of the Reeh Winery in Andau

The successful architectural concept was retained while expanding the Reeh Winery in Andau, Burgenland. The first eye-catcher is the individual suspended façade made from concrete elements. The design of the façade blends seamlessly in the existing complex. The barrique room, which was covered with soil as well as greened and planted, offers a smooth transition from the newly created courtyard to the annexe. The classily designed tasting room which invites its guests to linger and enjoy the exquisite wines.

The complex construction project required three-dimensional planning and visualisation because various complicated roof and wall intersections had to be developed and made visually perceivable. The requirement is founded in the realisation of the static challenges, like a cantilevered steel canopy at the rear of the building. It was necessary to anchor the canopy in the hall to which it is attached, to transfer its load. The implementation of the statically and architectonically progressive solutions was done by using hollow-core elements, precast columns, double walls and solid precast walls. The overall concept was implemented by applying a tight construction schedule, to which the site owner, the architect and the executing contractor in cooperation agreed.

The site owner of the project Reeh Winery is HARE GmbH. The architect Halbritter & Hillerbrand ZT GmbH are in charge of the architectural design. RWT plus ZT GmbH contributed the building physics. Woschitz Engineering ZT GmbH provided the structural design. Both companies are members of the Woschitz Group.


Photos © C. Woschitz

Information zu Projekt:

Augasse 11, 7163 Andau
Halbritter & Hillerbrand ZT GmbH
2018 - 2019
Building Physics, Structural Engineering

Umgesetzt mit:

  • RWT Plus
  • Woschitz Engineering