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House Kocsis

Residential courtyard in Burgenland

The residential courtyard planned by Peter Schneeweis signals both openness and initiative in its structural lightness and clearly shows that the architect has studied the laws of traditional village construction in the Pannonian area.

Pannonian structures

The single-family home absorbs the local structures both formally and functionally. These Pannonian structures are in particular the closed enclosure with front garden, the elongated stretching courtyards and the lateral development. The generous dimensioning of green and natural stone courtyard, the sensitive embedding of the building in the natural terrain, the walkable flat roof, the long covered access corridor as well as the change of closed wall and infill with large-format glass surfaces form the basis of a residential form that is restrained but determined.

Traditional and proven building patterns are harmonized with the comfort standards of the present “sustainably”. Wohnhof K. received an award at the 2002 Architecture Prize of the Province of Burgenland.


The building was built in mixed construction (wooden panels, wooden skeleton, reinforced concrete, brick) and consists of two structures, which are connected by an open corridor, creating a closed courtyard. The wooden skeleton is filled with stiffening wooden elements or the glazing. As ceiling systems, board pile ceilings were installed with a visible underside. The connecting passage was designed as a “wobbly beam” which is stabilized by prestressed tension bars.

This project was implemented by RWTplus, a member of the WOSCHITZ GROUP.

Photos © RWT plus

Information zu Projekt:

7452 Unterpullendorf
Andreas Kocsis
Peter Schneeweis
Kulmer Holz-Leimbau GesmbH
Structural design, detailed statics, process planning

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  • RWT Plus