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Educational Campus Lockenhaus

The educational campus consists of an extension and a reconstruction of the local elementary school and the new secondary school in Lockenhaus. The construction period lasted 13 months. The existing elementary school was extended by a classroom with a group room, two group rooms which are attached to existing classrooms and a market square as a central meeting area.

Because not having implemented fire compartments, they were constructed according to state of the art. The school was heated electrically until the conversion started. During this process, a new technical building was erected. In this building is a gas condensing boiler heating system implemented. It now provides the heating of the whole building. Besides, the electrical installations were renewed.

The highlight of the building is the central market square, which is architecturally characterised by an exposed wooden ceiling with a suspended acoustic sail. Daniela Filipovits-Flasch created the design elements.

The client was the Verein zur Erhaltung und Erneuerung der Infrastruktur der Marktgemeinde Lockenhaus & Co KG (association for the preservation and renewal of the infrastructure of the market tows Lockenhaus). Woschitz Engineering ZT GmbH was in charge of the structural design, the call for tender, the local supervision on the construction site and the duties of the planning coordinator and the construction site coordinator. RWT plus ZT GmbH was in charge of the building physics.

The project was implemented by the Woschitz Engineering ZT GmbH and the RWT plus ZT GmbH.

Photos © C. Woschitz

Information zu Projekt:

Hauptstraße 1, 7442 Lockenhaus
Verein zur Erhaltung und Erneuerung der Infrastruktur der Marktgemeinde Lockenhaus & Co KG
Architektin DI Dr. techn. Daniela Filipovits - Flasch
2017 - 2018
Construction Management, Building Physics, Structural Engineering

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  • RWT Plus
  • Woschitz Engineering