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Office Building Erected in Hybrid Construction

Seven storeys characterise the office building Anschützgasse. The complex made of reinforced concrete and timber houses offices on the ground floor and the first four upper floors. The last two upper floors are used for apartments. They provide a fantastic view over the city.

The building differs in its construction from floor to floor. The basement and the two base storeys are made from reinforced concrete, which provides stability and load-bearing capacity. The storeys above are erected in hybrid construction. The staircases are constructed using reinforced concrete with semi-precast elements, including hollow walls and element ceilings. The offices between the end face situated stairs are built in hybrid construction of glulam used as columns and beams as well as a timber-concrete composite ceiling. The wooden elements remain visible. The timber-concrete composite ceiling made from prefabricated ceiling elements enabled the fast progress in construction known from timber hybrid construction. The two residential storeys are exclusively made using solid timber construction. The wall panels, as well as the floor slabs, are built from prefabricated large cross-laminated timber boards.

The site owner of the project is LSE Liegenschaftsstruckturentwicklungs GmbH. WGA ZT GmbH was in charge of the architectural design. STRABAG SE was the general contractor of the project. Handler Bau GmbH was in charge of the timber construction. Woschitz Engineering ZT GmbH and RWT plus ZT GmbH provided the structural design. The building physics was calculated by RWT plus ZT GmbH. Both companies are members of the Woschitz Group.

This project was implemented by RWT plus and Woschitz Engineerig, both are members of the WOSCHITZ GROUP.

Photos © C. Woschitz

Information zu Projekt:

Anschützgasse 1, 1150 Wien
LSE Liegenschaftstrukturentwicklung GmbH
General contractor
Strabag SE
Wood construction
Handler Bau GmbH
Juni 2016 - Mai 2018
Building Physics, Structural Engineering

Umgesetzt mit:

  • RWT Plus
  • Woschitz Engineering