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Austria Center Vienna – Entrance building

Spectacular timber construction

The entrance area of the  Austria Centre Vienna – International Conference Centre Vienna – was crowned with a spectacular timber construction.  The projecting roof is 26m deep and 32m long.  The 17m high annex was completed in June 2007.  The so-called “entrance wave” is a wave-shaped structure composed of a diamond-shaped meshwork of slanting glued-laminated timber with cross-section measurement of up to w/h = 20/170 cm.

3D-based CAD-system

The planning process and prefabrication of the complex three-dimensional geometry of individual components in the timber frame, including the required holes for the fasteners, was carried out with the aid of a suitable 3D-based CAD-system as well as appropriate beam programmes for the CNC layout.


The roof covering was accomplished using a 75 mm thick three layer plate which was screwed on and covered with a white die casting sheet by the name of “Flexiskin”.

Very elegant solution

The individual laminated timber rafters were joined to the diamond-shaped points with timber screw studdings (system WB of SFS Intec) in combination with the dowels.  The reasoning behind this lies in the grinding cuts of the girder connections and the combined load of the fasteners on shearing and extraction which ensues.  Weights in the direction of the fasteners cannot be borne by the dowels, which is why they were allotted to the WB-mounting parts.  Since bolts with washers cannot be used due to the fastenings which lie unevenly, meaning the necessary grooves cannot be applied, this presents a very elegant solution.

The tilted diamond-shaped supports were attached to the vertically-oriented end beams by classic steel-slotted sheet-dowel-fasteners.

Support construction

The support construction consists of a series of steel bases at ground level as well as a series of V-formed steel supports in the 2nd upper storey of the building.

This project was implemented by RWTplus, a member of the WOSCHITZ GROUP.

Photos © C. Woschitz

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Austria Center Vienna, Internationales Amtssitz- und Konferenzzentrum Wien AG
DI Christian Knechtl
Buchacher Holzleimbau GmbH
Structural Engineering, Detailed planning

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