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Türkenwirt building BOKU Vienna

Shortlist Nomination

The new TÜWI building (Türkenwirt building), which is part of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences campus in Vienna, was brought into its stipulated use in 2018; it was also recently nominated for the shortlist for the Austrian State Prize for Architecture and Sustainability.

The newly erected building, which encircles a total surface of 5,650-square-meters, provides various teaching and learning areas, an auditorium, a whole collection of minerals, a restaurant including a horticultural dining area and a farm shop for students and staff. The building meets numerous sustainability criteria. To support heating and cooling, a geothermal heat pump was installed. Part of the electricity demand is covered by a photovoltaic system and a solar thermal system contributes to the hot water supply. The facade consists of natural larch wood, which ensures a good ambience.

Not only that the TÜWI building was awarded the Austrian Sustainable Building Council certificate (ÖGNI certificate), it was the first educational building to achieve the platinum certificate (ÖGNI Platin).

Woschitz Engineering acted as a consortial partner of the architect, Maurer & Partner ZT GmbH. The client was the Federal Real Estate Group (BIG). The local construction supervisor was Martin Mayer, Woschitz Engineering. It was the responsibility of Michael Meister, Woschitz Engineering, to do the planning coordination.

Photos © C. Woschitz