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Timber Construction Meets Real Estate

Timber Construction Meets Real Estate

On October 8th, 2019, the timber construction network Munich called “Holzbaunetzwerk München” hosted the event “Holzbau meets Real Estate 2.0” in Munich. Richard Woschitz, managing director of the Woschitz Group, was invited as a key speaker.

The event focussed on the idea of timber construction as a viable alternative for real estate and project development. Richard Woschitz opened the conference with a speech on “The Hoho seen from the perspective of a structural engineer”. He outlined the opportunities and challenges which are associated with the statics of such a building. Within this context, special attention was drawn to the increased use of wood as an increasingly used alternative to traditional construction methods.

The photo shows from left to right: DI Jörg Finkbeiner, Dr. Richard Woschitz, Georg Nunnemann, Steffen Hebestreit, DI Andreas Lerge.

Photos © Patricia Lucas