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The vivihouse

First three-storey prototype

The vivihouse is an innovative, fully modular system for the construction of multi-storey buildings for mixed use in urban areas. It is a timber construction method where sustainable and resource-saving materials are used. It is very durable and adaptable, as it can be dismantled and rebuilt again and again at a different location.

The first prototype of a 3-storey pavilion is currently being built in the Nordmanngasse in Vienna’s 21st district. The wooden supporting structure was designed as a skeleton structure with pendulum columns for vertical load transfer and stiffening elements in the form of struts or bracing or stiffening slides. The space-enclosing walls are made of modular wall elements with straw insulation. For the ceiling, a choice can be made between supporting elements with straw insulation, as used in the prototype, or solid wood panels.

Prior to this implementation project, a toolkit for urban do-it-yourself construction was developed, which has now been applied during this research project in the form of a 3-story show object.

The practical test for the DIY concept took place in working workshops together with students, where the prefabricated wall and ceiling elements were assembled. The assembling of the prefabricated elements on site was carried out by a timber construction company.

The vivihouse development team, led by the TU-Vienna, was supported by experienced consultants and practical experts for ecological building materials. RWT plus, as a structural engineering specialist, developed the modular supporting structure in wood as well as the geometrically complex system nodes.

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