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The Race 2018


On the 3rd of March 2018 already for the 7th time a ski race between friendly ARCHITECT´S FAMILIES and the TEAM FAMILIES of the RWT PLUS ZT GMBH took place.

This year the competition took place in the Stuhleck ski area in Spital am Semmering. The WINTERSPORTVEREIN RAIFFEISENBANK SPITAL AM SEMMERING did a great job of organizing. In very good weather, grippy snow and a very fluid giants slalom on the racetrack Stuhleck – Schieferwiese prevailed for both passes perfect conditions. Once again, “OLD AND YOUNG” was a lot of fun, courage and ambition.

The award ceremony, conducted by Richard Woschitz and Dietmar Ronach, took place in the ALPENGASTHOF EICHTBAUER. There we let the nice day end with a cozy get-together and excellent hospitality. You can see the official result list with exact timekeeping HERE.

1st place     Karin TRIENDL / Triendl u. Fessler Arch.
2nd place    Astrid LUGGER / RWT PLUS
3rd place    Christine ROLLENITZ / RWT PLUS

CHILDREN I (2003-2006)
1st place     Marie LUGGER / RWT PLUS
2nd place    Paul HOPPE / Hoppe Arch.
3rd place     Amelie LUGGER / RWT PLUS

CHILDREN II (2007-2011)
1st place     Linus HAWLIK / Hawlik Arch.
2nd place    Ella TRIENDL / Triendl u. Fessler Arch.
3rd place     Valerie HOPPE / Hoppe Arch.

1st place     Matthias KARNER / RWT PLUS
2nd place   
3rd place     Matthias RINNHOFER / RWT PLUS

Once again, Christine Woschitz deserves special thanks for the organization, implementation and, above all, for the documentation by means of great photos. The team of the RWT PLUS thanks for the numerous participation and is looking forward to “THE RACE 2019”.

Photos © C. Woschitz