The HoHo Vienna seen by the media - Woschitz Group

The HoHo Vienna seen by the media

Richard Woschitz talks about Austria’s highest wooden skyscraper

Richard Woschitz, Managing Director of Woschitz Group GmbH with its headquarters in Vienna, Mödling, Eisenstadt and Oberwart, talks in the current report of Energie TV, a broadcast of the Energie Burgenland, about the flagship project made of wood. He explains the principles of use of timber for this construction as well as the application for a building. In addition to the interview with the structural engineer of the timber skyscraper, the audience is introduced to the construction method and the advantages of this timber building.

The timber skyscraper is characterised by its modular hybrid construction method, and it impresses with its façade, which is modelled on nature, and its architectural design. The technical services were implemented by RWT plus ZT GmbH. To see the video provided by Energie Burgenland follow the link.

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