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Start Wood construction HoHo-Next

Start Wood construction HoHo-Next

Assembly wood construction

On 11.9.2017 there was the starting shot for the assembly of the first wooden components at the “HoHo Next”, the small 2-5-storey building right next to the wooden high-rise, which is executed in the same construction as his big brother HoHo Vienna. By means of conclusions from the initial assembly procedures at HoHo Next possible smaller technical optimizations for the transport and assembly logistics for the high-rise building with 23 storeys are still possible at short notice. So to speak, before the system is raced at a high speed up to 84m height.

Assembly speed

According to current forecasts of the general constractor Handler Bau, at least the upper floors are to be built in the week clock. As part of the building discussion on 12.9. the first offset wooden components were sampled by the project participants and the final details for the fine grinding were determined.

Shortinfo about HoHo

The wooden high-rise building (short HoHo) is currently being built in hybrid constructions on the “Seestadt” Aspern site in Vienna. Construction began in the autumn of 2016. After 20 months of construction, the high-rise building, which consists mostly of wood (about 75%), will be ready. The HoHo is then the tallest high-rise building in the world, which consists predominantly of the material wood.

System hybrid construction

Hybrid construction means that, in addition to wood, other materials are also used for construction. The HoHo gets a core of concrete, to which the wooden components dock. A separate system was developed to connect the various parts.

This project will be implemented by RWTplus, a member of the WOSCHITZ GROUP.

Photos © RWT Plus