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Start 1st Viennese Housing Tree Program

Natural urban living in Vienna

The City of Vienna has developed the 1st Vienna Housing Construction Program, which will see around 1,000 residential units built in wood and wood hybrid construction methods in a total of three phases. The new program aims to build environmentally conscious and ecological, close to nature and urban. In the first stage, 155 apartments will be created, distributed on 6 sites. As a result, small-scale, two- to four-story buildings in wood and wood hybrid construction will be built on the outskirts of the city. Greening, cooling, shading and ventilation measures will also be provided.


Focus on wood

Wood is a domestic, steadily renewable natural resource and its use makes a positive contribution to climate protection. One cubic meter of wood stores one ton of CO2. A high degree of prefabrication that shortens construction time, the dry and low-noise construction method, the good quality as a thermal insulating material and, last but not least, the creation of a good indoor climate are all major advantages that speak in favor of building with wood. Those who build with wood replace energy-intensive materials.

Richard Woschitz, Managing Director of the Woschitz Group and member of the Property Advisory Board, adds: “In terms of a functioning circular economy, the adaptability of buildings or the recyclability of building materials are becoming increasingly important. Therefore, changeable and easily deconstructable load-bearing structures made of wood are at the cutting edge and will increasingly dominate the construction of the future.”

You can read the entire press release here.