Schüttaustraße reinforced concrete beam - Woschitz Group

Schüttaustraße reinforced concrete beam

Prestressed reinforced concrete beam over gym

In order to achieve a span of 22.9 m over an existing gymnasium, RWT and RWE jointly developed a prestressed prestressed concrete beam with the company Oberndorfer with a total weight of 37.6 tonnes. The lifting of the carrier took place on the 20.03.2018 in the Schüttaustrasse by means of a 800 t crane (Link: by the company Felbermayr. Together with the employees of the company Handler (general contractor), the carriers were safely relocated and positioned.

This type of girders is usually used in bridge construction, the large performance range of the Woschitz group makes it possible to weigh the advantages of the individual materials as well as design variants and, together with the architects and builders, to achieve an optimal solution. In this case, we were able to use the expertise of the new office in Feldkirchen in the area of ​​bridge construction efficiently in this construction project.

Photos © C.Bauer