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Groundbreaking ceremony in elementary school Mittelgasse

Groundbreaking ceremony in elementary school

On 23.08.2018 the groundbreaking ceremony for the addition of the elementary school Mittelgasse took place in Wien Mariahilf.
Presented were District President Markus Rumelhart, Chairman of the Education Committee Mag.a Nicole Berger-Krotsch, Vienna Holding Managing Director Sigrid Oblak and Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Richard Woschitz.

Construction Project

By the end of 2019, there will be nine more all-day elementary school classes with multi-function zones, a dining room and a gymnasium, which can be used by sports clubs during school-free time.

Furthermore, the open spaces will be redesigned to create a multipurpose and sports area, as well as a landslide and a garden.

Both the annex and the main building will be accessed barrier-free.

For initiators, parents and students there is an information box available for the period of construction to inform them about the construction project and the planning.

This project will be implemented with RWT plus. This company is a member of the WOSCHITZ GROUP.