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Sharing hybrid construction know-how

New course offerings at the TU Vienna

We, the Woschitz Group, have been able to build up an experienced know-how due to numerous projects and research activities in the field of “hybrid construction”. Therefore, a new teaching offer is being developed at the TU Vienna is offeredHybrid Construction. This course will be presented by DI Dr. techn. Richard Woschitz, Managing Director Woschitz Group, DI Dr. techn. Matthias Rinnhofer, Team Leader Structural Design Wood RWT Vienna and DI Christoph Bauer, Head of R&D.

In the seminar “Hybrid components and joining technology” students are given the opportunity to further their education in the field of hybrid construction. The trend towards hybrid constructions in the building industry is becoming more and more evident both nationally and internationally. The decision for a hybrid construction method can have many advantages, among others positive effects on statics, fire protection and sound insulation can be mentioned. The aim of the new course is to refer to this new trend and prepare students for working with hybrid constructions. A further goal is to work out the efficiency of materials in combination.

Further information about the course can be found here.

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