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Project progress: Steigenteschgasse roundhall

Project progress: Steigenteschgasse roundhall

The renovation of the Steigenteschgasse round hall in Donaustadt is already under construction and will be completed this year. The pilot project is a model for the general refurbishment of other round gymnasiums in Vienna. They are primarily used by schools for gymnastics classes and by associations and clubs for training and competitions.

The hall in Steigenteschgasse is around eleven meters high and was built as a skeleton structure with façade panels and sloped glazing. The exterior appearance is characterized by a new outer shell made of aluminum panels that enclose the hall in a ring. The renewed façade insulates the building, in particular the existing structural components to new construction standard from the outside and ensures low energy costs in operation. The new building envelope consists of three rings that overlap each other. The resulting gaps are used for simple and operating-cost-saving ventilation of the hall during training operations by means of flaps.

Together with the architects from Raumkunst ZT GmbH, we, RWT plus ZT GmbH, are leading a consortium. We are represented with the services structural design and building physics.

Rendering © Raumkunst ZT GmbH
Construction photos © M. Fruhmann