Project progress Landsteinergasse - Woschitz Group

Project progress Landsteinergasse

Drone flight over the Landsteinergasse project

The primary school in Landsteinergasse is being extended by three new classes through an attic extension. At the same time, a general renovation of the existing building is being carried out as part of the school renovation package of the City of Vienna. A one-storey extension of the inner courtyard will provide a barrier-free and weather-protected connection between the Landsteinergasse and Wiesberggasse schools. The New Middle School Wiesberggasse has already started school operations, you can read more project details here: Project Wiesberggasse.

The progress of the construction site in Landsteinergasse was recorded with a drone. RWT plus is involved with the services of structural design, building physics and test engineer. The firm is a member of the Woschitz Group.

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