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Press conference IZM

Impulse Centre Mattersburg

On December 9th, 2019, the new project „Impulse Centre Mattersburg” was presented at a press conference. The Impulse Centre Mattersburg, IZM in short, located in the Michael Koch-Straße completes and enlivens the town centre of Mattersburg.
The IZM is located between Michael-Koch-Straße and Hirtengasse. It will contain the town hall, the headquarter of the Commerzialbank Mattersburg and town complexes which are designed as mixed-use buildings. In addition to the use for the town hall, there are also offices, a restaurant and apartments planned. This combination of the town hall, a bank and gastronomy creates a permanent and sustainable revival of the new quarter.
The design of the facades is based on a mixture of local materials. In addition to natural stone, plaster frames around the windows structure the facades. The ground floor zones are inviting and transparent. The facades of the town hall are partially greened.
The buildings are planned with a maximum of four floors, and thus stay lower than the development during the 1970 and 1990 in respect of the building height. Looking at the transition to the village character, the buildings fit into the urban area.


Town Hall

The town hall is planned as a contemporary, light-flooded and barrier-free administration building. Good accessibility is provided by the traffic-favourable situation and a generous parking space offer.
The ground floor is designed to provide a lucid and barrier-free office for the civil service as well as a community hall for approximately 200 seats. All buildings are constructed according to the actual state of the art as a low-energy building. Regenerative energy systems are planned: Most of the heating is provided by heat pumps, while photovoltaic elements are installed on all flat roofs to generate electricity.


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