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Presentation of HoHo Wien in Aspern/Vienna



HoHo Vienna: Presentation of the first city office built of timber

HoHo Vienna in Aspern, Vienna’s lakeside city is growing. After a one-and-a-half-year construction period, Vienna’s show office, constructed from timber (species spruce), was now presented to an exclusive audience in the first completed part of the building. A modern working environment meets the warmth and tradition of timber on 19,500 sq. m. of rental space. The first tenants will be able to move into this unique office located right by the U2 stop Seestadt as soon as early 2019. Come and take the 3D tour through HoHo Vienna’s show office at and allow yourself to be amazed.

 (Vienna, 8 March 2018) The first completed structure of HoHo Vienna stands for an innovative generation of employees: now the innovative show office has been presented to an exclusive audience. The office and commercial spaces in HoHo Vienna are unique in the world: the walls and ceilings are made of untreated spruce. As a result, the typical scent of wood wafts through all the rooms, creating a unique indoor climate. Studies show that the room air quality inside buildings made of wood rates as very good. In addition, the wood environment also positively impacts quality of life, personal well-being and health. The office of the future is very modern and yet sustainable, after all, it took Austrian forests just one hour and 17 minutes to regrow the material used in the construction of the world’s tallest wooden high-rise. The comfortable yet innovative ambience in the new show office is complemented by the future-oriented furnishing concept of the Neudoerfler company, which – reduced in colour scheme to white, grey and black – creates a hybrid between stimulating workspace and snug living area.


Every tenant is part of a great success story

Since HoHo Vienna is still under construction, the special requests of future tenants can still be taken into account on an individual level. The customer decides whether the individual offices are created as classic or open spaces. HoHo Vienna creates a unique atmosphere, from which every tenant stands to benefit. In this well-functioning full-scale complex, each individual tenant becomes part of a remarkable success story. The HANDLER Group is on schedule with its construction work. Following completion of the building shell for the first two low structures, work on the next three building structures has already begun. Arrangements are in place to ensure proper timing of material delivery by all construction partners. Everything is in position for construction of the entire wooden building to be completed in 2018 and the building to open in 2019.


The timber for HoHo Vienna: our suppliers make local sourcing a top priority

The wood for the XC® ceiling panels supplied by MMK, a joint venture bringing together Mayr-Melnhof Holz Holding AG and the Kirchdorfer Group are sourced from Mayr-Melnhof’s own forests and the cross laminated timber walls and glued laminated timber columns supplied by HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER all originate from sustainably managed forests. The spruce trees for HoHo Vienna are cut, dried and graded at headquarters in Sachsenburg, before being supplied to HASSLACHER Holzbausysteme GmbH in Hermagor and to NORITEC Holzindustrie GmbH in Stall in the Mölltal Valley as sawn timber. All in all, the HASSLACHER Company will be supplying some 800 glued laminated timber columns and 14,400 sq. m. of cross laminated as external wall elements, with the added feature that the windows supplied by the company Katzbeck will already have been installed at the production facility. Thanks to sophisticated logistics, only 50 trucks from Carinthia to Aspern will be necessary to deliver this quantity of different components.


MM and KIRCHDORFER will deliver more than 1,000 construction parts to the HoHo Vienna construction site

X-Lam Concrete (XC®): X stands for cross-laminated timber and C stands for concrete – the XC® ceiling has been developed and marketed in a joint venture by “MMK” (Mayr-Melnhof/Kirchdorfer) since 2013 and is truly a premium product. The slender and high-performing XC® timber-concrete composite elements are attached to the cores of the building or the building frame and connected with the supports previously integrated into the pre-fabricated external wall modules made of solid wood. The interface between the two materials – wood and concrete – has been perfected. Notably, the 1,000 load-bearing composite ceilings made with ideally adjusted timber and concrete layers and pre-fabricated at the Kirchdorfer site Gerasdorf bei Wien, are delivered to the construction site at Seestadt Aspern just-in-time, allowing for rapid assembly of HoHo Vienna. Aside from the 16,000 sq. m. of XC® ceiling elements, the Kirchdorfer Company will also be delivering 99 staircases and platforms and more than 600 running metres of supports, 4,800 running metres of prefabricated girders and 2,300 sq. m. of prefabricated ceilings.


PEFC certification for wood from sustainably managed forests

On account of the international LEED certification behind HoHo Vienna (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the processed wood is required to have a sustainability-related certification. The companies participating in HoHo Vienna such as MM-Holz and HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER are PEFC-certified. By vehicle of strict audits carried out by independent certification bodies, this certification for sustainable forest management and wood processing verifies whether and guarantees that wood and paper products originate from sustainably managed forests.


 Smart City Strategy: Seestadt Wien is a future-oriented city district

Topics like work-life balance or smart city strategies are more relevant than ever, because the working world is gradually merging with people’s lifeworld, rather than existing separately from it. The places we are working in are changing! This urban development area already comprises more than 150 companies. An added advantage: The new quarter’s infrastructure When everything you need is in the same building or just around the next corner, you become highly mobile and fast. To get to downtown Vienna, all you need to do is take the metro from the adjacent Seestadt Station and get off in the city centre a mere twenty-five minutes later. A multi-storey car park with spaces for 450 cars is currently under construction right next to the subway. HoHo Vienna is the centrepiece project at the heart of the new business district Seeparkquartier and will be one of the first buildings to be completed.

For further details relating to HoHo Vienna, please consult the HoHo Vienna website at and the Facebook fan page at


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