International interest at Woschitz group - Woschitz Group

International interest at Woschitz group

International interest at Woschitz group

Due to various timber construction projects, especially the HoHo Vienna, the whole group has aroused great interest in the last two years all over the world. Our premises and projects are regularly visited by national and international delegations from different market economies.

The know-how acquired over the last 23 years represents a major asset for the company and is now valued worldwide. For this reason, and for further cooperation, we visited on September 20, 2018, an 11-member Japanese delegation from the company Sumitomo Forestry in the Vienna premises.

Worldwide, there are many visions and as our company mission says “We add stability to vision”, we wanted to present our know-how “Statics” in the international field and contribute.

Photos © C. Bauer