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“HAUT” Amsterdam

“HAUT” Amsterdam

Within the next seven months, one of the largest wooden buildings in the world will be built in Amsterdam. It will contain 21 stories at a height of 73 meters.

In the Netherlands it is not common to start a construction project with the groundbreaking ceremony, but with the traditional setting of the first stake. Since the building is “HAUT” but not a conventional building, the builders decided for a different symbolism. In the presence of numerous project participants such as investors, buyers of the apartments, architects, structural and specialist planners, the planting of a tree took place. In this way, the ecological aspect was again emphasized.



Building project: HAUT, Amsterdam, Niederlande
Project development: Lingotto, Amsterdam
General contractor: J.P. van Eesteren B.V., Gouda
Architectur: Team V Architectuur, Amsterdam
Consultant team: Woschitz group, Wien; Assmann Beraten + Planen, Hamburg; Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Rainer Pohlenz, Aachen; Ekoflin, Bavel; Brüninghoff, Heiden
Planning team: RWT plus, Wien; Assmann Beraten + Planen, Hamburg; Brüninghoff, Heiden

Photo © Team V Architecture

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