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Ground-Breaking Ceremony „Kirchäcker II”

Ground-Breaking Ceremony „Kirchäcker II”

On November 28th, 2019, the ground-breaking ceremony for the new building of the residential complex “Kirchäcker II”, took place in the Bischof-Laszlo-Straße in Eisenstadt. Eighty-one residential units with a usable living space of 5550 m² will be built. They are divided into three stand-alone tower complexes. The five-storey complex is equipped with a basement that houses an underground car park with 162 parking spaces. Green roofs and partially greened facades represent the special feature of the building project.

Based on the slogan “central, energy-saving and modern”, the Neue Eisenstädter Gemeinnützige Bau-, Wohn- und Siedlungsgesellschaft mbH, who is the developer, will hand over the new property to the new tenants in early summer 2021.

DWP Ziviltechniker GmbH provided the structural design of the building by adding its expertise during the planning of the project. The Woschitz Engineering ZT GmbH was in charge of the safety on the construction site concerning the Construction Site Coordination Act.

The ground-breaking ceremony was attended by high-ranking representatives of the politics and the property developer. Among the numerous guests were Thomas Steiner, Member to the Burgenland Parliament and Mayor of Eisenstadt, Lisa Vogl, MBA, 2nd Deputy Mayor of Eisenstadt, Alois Ecker, Director of the Board of Energie Burgenland, Anton Mittelmeier and Erwin Holzhofer, both Managing Directors of the Neue Eisenstädter Gemeinnützige Bau-, Wohn- und Siedlungsgesellschaft mbH, Angelika Mayer-Handler, Authorised Officer at the property developer, and many other people from politics and the economy.

Richard Woschitz, Managing Director of the Woschitz Group GmbH, also attended the ceremony accompanied by Thomas Oberger, Authorised Officer of the DWP Ziviltechniker GmbH, Walter Pichler, Authorised Officer of the Woschitz Engineering ZT GmbH, Paul Moritz Authorised Officer and department head of structural design, Andreas Putz, Christopher Wittmann and Katrin Koller, all of them located in Eisenstadt.

Photos © C. Wittmann