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Excursion Woschitz Engineering

Excursion to the Construction Site S31

On October 24th, 2019, several employees of the Woschitz Engineering GmbH visited the construction site “Safety Extension S31” in Sieggraben. They inspected the slope stabilisation, which is done by bored piles and soil nailing. The excursion’s reason is seen in the enhancement of competence of employees dealing with construction. The design engineers of the Woschitz Engineering GmbH who are involved in the planning von bored piles were familiarised with their implementation.

Stefan Biricz, an employee of the Züblin Spezialtiefbau GmbH, guided the visitors through the construction site and presented two types of implementation of bored piles. The first method of implementation is done by using the “Rotary Drilling Rig BG 45”. The drilling rig has a total weight of 138 tons. It drives the boring tube into the ground by using a drill head, and it transports the debris out of the boring tube by using a screw conveyor. This specific rotary drilling rig is one of the largest of its kind used in Austria and Europe. The second method shown is based on the “Tubed Driven Pile”. It rotates a boring tube into the ground using pipe machinery. In a second step, a pile grab is dropped into the boring tube by a crawler crane. The pile grab transports the debris to the surface by using claws blades.

The making of a rope anchor was also inspected. Besides, the making of an anchor, which serves as connecting element between the bored piles and the rope anchors, was inspected.

The excursion participants were Mario Bauer, the authorised officer of the Woschitz Engineering GmbH in Oberwart, Roman Ringhofer, department head infrastructure, Michaela Mandler, David Seper, Martin Huisbauer, Sebastian Cotut, Josef Notbauer, all of them located in Oberwart, and Paul Moritz, authorised officer of the Woschitz Engineering GmbH in Eisenstadt as well as department head structural engineering, Harald Kornfehl, all of them located in Eisenstadt. Christian Sulyok, an employee of the RWT plus GmbH also accompanied the group.

Photos © Woschitz Engineering