Ecological research development with Wood K plus - Woschitz Group

Ecological research development with Wood K plus

Further development of wood hybrid components

As a research and development partner of Wood K plus, we see an excellent merger in the areas of business and research. We as an innovative civil engineering office, we can see the potential in the market in terms of development backlogs in the field of design and cross-system thinking in the selection of materials. We can also use the strengths of Wood K plus in these areas. We want to develop the enormous amount of new, creative materials and joining techniques together, as a partnership, for the economy in such a way that it can be implemented in an economically efficient way in terms of utilization and stability. Therefore, the main focus of the “Simulation of wood hybrid elements” is on research and development.

Currently, different joining techniques and the behavior of individual adhesives are being researched. In parallel, simulations are being carried out with “Finite Element Programs” to be able to predict real behavior more quickly in the future. Thus, future innovative materials can be used more faster, or the application area can be determined quicker. The experiments are planned and accompanied by Christoph Bauer, who is working on a dissertation at the Technical University Vienna.

Through this cooperative collaboration between the Woschitz Group and Wood K plus, ecological materials can be used more efficiently and faster in the economy. We see a very good knowledge transfer in the research cooperation and hope for great synergies.

Photos © C. Bauer