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Donating instead of Wasting

Donating instead of Wasting

As some EDV devices are no longer used in the daily business, the employees were allowed to take over these devices. In return, donations were collected for Licht ins Dunkel, an Austrian-wide charity. The specific contributions were handed over to Ö3 Christmas Miracle, which is part of Licht ins Dunkel.

Each device has been securely deleted to our privacy policy. The management, the IT-team and the single office managers decided to hand over the devices to the employees for private use. The employees of the IT-department spent their leisure to reinstall the equipment and to prepare the devices for everyday use.

In addition to the sustainable use of the still-functioning equipment, the activity achieved donation for a caritative purpose. It achieved € 900,- The offices Vienna, Oberwart and Eisenstadt participated. The Woschitz Group and all its employees wish you a Merry Christmas and a successful year 2020

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