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Building simulation research project

Building simulation research project

Together with our research partners TU Vienna and Forschung Burgenland, the kick-off meeting took place at the beginning of this year. The aim of this research project, which is funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), is to create a digital building twin that operates on an open source platform. This framework makes it possible to keep the data model up to date and for a long time.

The central data storage (BIM model) should not only store the static data of the building as before, but also carry out small calculations such as target/actual comparisons and regression calculations, as well as store dynamic data in the 4D level (e.g. temperatures, movements, humidity, etc.). This is currently not possible with the BIM platforms we know.

An artificial intelligence should use the digital building twin to make decisions about regulations based on simulations. For this software programming, 4 employees have already been hired in the company and a hyper-converged server environment has been purchased.

These acquisitions and increases in personnel thus represent the core for this work and the future in the area of software development and digitalisation in the company.


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