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Awarded Project Waldrebengasse

Waldrebengasse was awarded as a candidate for the IBA Vienna

The project “Waldrebengasse”, which recently won a competition for residential buildings, was honoured with the level as a candidate at the Vienna International Building Exhibition 2022, short IBA Wien 2022. The IBA is a new exhibition designed to present projects for new social housing to the public as well as to make their spirit accessible to a broad audience.

The cooperation between the two cities Vancouver and Vienna led to this innovative project. The cooperation’s primary focus includes the transfer of know-how and the exchange of experience in the field of energy-efficient residential buildings. The project “Waldrebengasse” impresses based on its design as a modern timber building and it integrates thanks to its innovative heat supply system, which only runs using renewable energy, into the cooperation programme as well as the programme of the IBA Vienna 2022.

The project which is dominated by sustainable ecology is implemented by RWT plus ZT GmbH and Woschitz Engineering ZT GmbH, which are both members of the Woschitz Group.

For further information about the competition “Waldrebengasse”, please follow this link.

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