Architecture award for sports and culture hall Neutal - Woschitz Group

Architecture award for sports and culture hall Neutal

Architecture Prize of the Province of Burgenland 2020 awarded

The award ceremony of the Architecture Prize 2020 took place with numerous guests in the Cselly Mill in Oslip, Burgenland. Since 2002, the province of Burgenland honors different architectural buildings. 15 different projects were submitted for the award 2020, of which three were awarded and another three received a recognition.

The group of architects SOLID architecture won the Burgenland Architecture Award 2020 for the sports and cultural hall Neutal. Recognition went to the architects Halbritter and Hillerbrand for the community center in Raiding. In both projects the companies Woschitz Engineering and RWT plus were able to contribute with their services. We congratulate SOLID architecture and the architects of Halbritter and Hillerbrand on their success.

Photo ceremony: © Landesmedienservice Burgenland
Photo sports and cultural hall Neutal: © Kurt Kubal