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Anschützgasse – hybrid timber construction

Hybrid timber construction will be started

Concept hybrid timber construction

Nearby the Wienfluss, Anschützgasse in the 15th district in Vienna, a new building will be built by Arch. DI Michael Schluder, which will house the social center of the MA 40. The existing warehouses and parts of an office building were demolished. The concept is based on a hybrid construction. Cellar, ground and first floor of the new building are constructed in reinforced concret by GU Strabag. From the second upper floor is build in wooden construction by Handler Bau. The facade is protected by wooden lamellas against weathering and strong sunshine.

What is the result?

On the ground floor there is a large service area spread over the new building and the existing building, in the upper floors 1 to 4 offices of the MA40. In the two top floors the WSE will rent a total of ten two-storey apartments.


The solid construction has already been completed. From the second floor, only partial ceilings and the walls of the access cores are made in concrete. The assembly of timber construction has begun, the supports are made of glulam and the outer walls consist of boards of plywood. The wooden hybrid ceiling is suspected in the form of solid parts. At Oberndorfer the production of the hybrid ceiling is finished, with the glued planking ribs being cast as a tensile element with reinforced concrete. The thrust connection between the plates and the ribs is made by screws. The wood cross-sections remain visible in the supports, underpasses and the hybrid ceilings.

The completion of the shell is scheduled for July 2017.

This project is implemented by Woschitz Engineering and RWTplus, which are members of the WOSCHITZ GROUP.

Photos © RWTplus