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A Smart Home above the roofs of Vienna

A Smart Home above the roofs of Vienna

Paul Track, authorised signatory and head of the building physics department at RWT plus ZT GmbH, has tested the new Velux Active system in cooperation with the company VELUX Österreich GmbH. An insight was published in the media as part of the “VELUX Homestories”. Paul Track presented his Smart Home and provided personal insights into the technical possibilities and their implementation.

Apart from the enthusiasm for smart homes and the associated automation and optimisation tasks, extensive monitoring was carried out in the background on the building physics, technical and professional side in the attic flat. In the course of this, climate data in the apartment and its surroundings as well as presence and user behaviour were documented and evaluated. The Velux automation algorithms were extensively tested and extensive feedback was given to Velux Austria.

This cooperation has enabled both sides to achieve a valuable exchange of experience and also laid the foundation for a further, deeper cooperation.

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Photos © VELUX, Fotograf: [POINT OF VIEW]