Real Estate Valuation and Consulting

What is the value of a property? This question arises especially when buying or selling, in assets disputes such as divorce or inheritance, in borrowings (lending value), in foreclosure or for IFRS accounting purposes . Using our years of experience and market knowledge and continuous education and training, we determine the value of a property as realistic as possible and close to the market value.

Hereby receive investment method our customers a real estate valuation by an independent third party, an evaluation report that meets the applicable legal framework, as well as an overview of the property strengths and weaknesses. Whether it comes to land properties, single and double-occupancy homes, condominiums, flats, apartment buildings, industrial and commercial buildings, retail parks, shopping centers, operator-run properties, special purpose properties such as hotels, retirement homes, agricultural buildings, or just an value appraisal.

The property valuation is carried out according to the three property valuation acts (LBG) and ÖNORM B1802 legal proceedings as the comparison approach, income approach and cost approach.

Futhermore we select the company valuation procedures wich are taking into account the cash flows over an explicit planning period, such as Investment Method (residual value) or discounted cash flow (DCF) method.

The selection of the valuations procedures is incumbent on us as experts, as far as the used method meets the corresponding state of scientific knowledge and the existing fair trade practice (see. § 7 LBG)