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Due to our wide range of services in the field of civil engineering, we can count on  the extensive knowledge of innovative people. Through the participation in all kind of projects we can offer targeted research and development of services and products.

In order to enable structured work, the implementation is carried out according to lean development. All project partners are involved right from the beginning and all work packages are processed together with external partners and customers.

The field of activity is divided into the following points:

  • Contract Research
  • Cooperation in research projects
  • Cosortium leading of national and international research projects

The research and innovation department is based on three pillars.

1. Pillar

Further education of employees and further development of internal processes and structures

From our point of view, the most important point and basis for research lies in the training and further education of our employees. The basis “knowledge” is the basic requirement for the implementation of research projects and innovative construction projects. Furthermore, we are constantly developing internal processes as well as structures in terms of EDP, quality management and employees.

2. Pillar

Innovative Projects with clients and construction companies

In cooperation with various construction companies, innovative solutions are constantly being found and realised. As mentioned below, the knowledge from research projects with universities and univsersities of applied science are integrated. Furthermore, we see ourselves as a link between business and educational institutions. Due to various research projects and construction projects, we also offer test procedures for certificates and permits of authorities in cooperation with research and testing institutes.

3. Pillar

Research projects with universities and universities of applied sciences

In cooperation with universities and colleges, a transfer of knowledge from the practical and applied side to basic research and application research takes place. This transfer is an important basis for further projects within the company.


Research Partner

Current and completed research projects


E_COnstruct - Horizon 2020

ECOlogical, ECOnomic and Efficient COnstruction with wood-based Multifunctional Construction Elements (MFCE)

Partner: Stora Enso, Handler Bau, Weinmann, DAW, Cetus, Feasible, Wood K plus, European Forest Institute, BOKU,
University of Helsinki, European Academy Bozen, Linköping University, Innovawood


Holzmast 4.0

Production of the future - Flexible production of wood-based pylons with structurally increased strength and service life

Partner: Stora Enso, Energie Steiermark, KaWaTech, Feasible, HIZ, ASC, Holzcluster Steiermark



Predictively controlled passive building cooling by means of natural
Night ventilation and daylight-optimised shading

Projektpartner: Forschung Burgenland GmbH, Fürstner RWA Systeme + Technik GmbH, Johann Gerstmann, Woschitz Engineering ZT GmbH, Zach Antriebe GmbH



Development of research competences for the digitisation of technical facility management

Partner: AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, EAM Systems GmbH, IBFM Ingenieurbüro Facility Management, normconsult OG, Schrack Seconet AG, Wien Energie GmbH



Expertise in the field of smart
Energy Storage Technologies & systems ": Innovation and Know-How Transfer

Partner: Fachhochschule Burgenland GmbH, weitere


Smarter Citizens Bui

Smart Citizens Building Prototype Development and Demonstration Tour 2018

Partner: TU Wien, Konradt Zirm, Käferhaus G.m.b.H., ASBN, Lukas Lang Building, Wout Kichler


Smart Cities Demo 6. AS Partnerantrag

Developing a coherent (= easy to understand and changeable) building module to the highest standards of holistic building assessment.
(Ecological, economic, social resilience)

Partner: TU Wien, IHS, ASBN, Käferhaus G.m.b.H.



Research competences for the economy - FoKo Qualification Seminars 2015
Exchange of experience and knowledge transfer on the subject of mulit-storey wood and hybrid buildings.

Partner: TU Wien, FH Campus Wien, Holz.Bau Forschungs GmbH, Talkner GmbH, ecoplus Niederösterreich, TU Graz, Holzfoschung Austria, Zauner GmbH, Holzbau Unfried, Hartl Haus Holzindustrie, Zehetgruber + Laiser ZT GmbH, Haustechnik Apfelthaler GesmbH


System node development for wooden high-rise buildings

The aim of this research project was to expand the use of wood for high-rise construction, resulting in higher requirements (in terms of safety in case of fire, earthquake or damage unspecified cause, high wind loads) to the applied wood-concrete hybrid constructions. Unexplored wood-specific properties offer great development potential, which is why the wood technologies used should be further developed and tested accordingly.
There is a need for development primarily in the area of prefabricated ceiling-ready prefabricated ceiling elements and facade elements in wood-concrete hybrid construction, as well as associated solutions for assembling these in a system node.
Unresolved problem areas are examined both from the standpoint of structural analysis and building physics. Development goals are appropriate system solutions and design methods.

Partner: TU Wien, TU Graz, MA 39, Stora Enso, Silka, Oberndorfer


EQ-Net: Storage

Education Initiative Technology Competence 1. AS

Partner: 4ward Energy Research GmbH; Technisches Büro Ing. Bernhard Hammer GmbH; Fachhochschule Burgenland GmbH

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DI Christoph Bauer, BSc
Head of Research and Innovation
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