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As generally sworn and court certified expert witness, our work is aimed specifically at clients such as insurance companies, courts, lawyers, municipal cooperatives, municipalities, but also the private sectore.

Because of our many years of experience in the construction industry we acquired special competences, objectivity, trustworthiness, loyalty and reliability. We are the competent partner and expert in buildings damages, and building evaluations. We provide comprehensive construction management consulting services and advice in areas of defects and damages, particularly cracks in the concrete walls and concrete structures. Insufficient thermal insulation and/or incorrect use, as well as damages caused by humidity and mould, wood destroying fungi and insects, for steel-glass buildings, or wooden structures and reinforced concrete structures.

We provide evidence of construction preservation, technical documentation and inspections, the evaluation of defects and damages, including the repair costs determination and valuation reports.


Dipl.-Ing. Dr.- techn. Richard Woschitz, MRICS


Eva Pommer

Stefanie Bucher
Office Management

Ing. Hans-Peter Huber
Generally sworn and judicially certified expert


Findings & Evaluation 

As a building surveyour we elaborate assessments in case of defects or damages, preserve evidence during or after construction measures, take technical approvals, assessments of defects and damages, including cost determination for removal of defects or renovation works and provide valuations reports.

We distinguish between findings and evaluations. While the findings determine and describe the facts by experts, the evaluations draw conclusions from the established facts based on the experience and preexisting knowledge. Evaluations reports are therefore derived diagnoses, to estimate the market value of the property or statements about the cause of the detained building or constructions defects.

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