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Founded in 1996 RWT Plus is specialized on structural design of lightweight structures. With locations in Vienna and Feldkirchen, and our competent team, we service the entire Central European region.  We also provide national and international projects, including Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia and Abu Dhabi.

An important objective of our office is the general consultation, with the exception of architecture. This allows developers to choose freely the architect, while ensuring trough our experts the best possible implementation of the architectural idea. Our goal is the close interdisciplinary collaboration with the architects.

With the pillars structural engineering, building physics, construction controlling and management, we offer a comprehensive construction management and are able to ensure customers a propper execution of its construction project. Comprehensive knowledge and experience gained from many successfuly completed projects are the basis for developing innovative ideas and implementation. Our particular strengths include know-how transfer and resource management.

Since the foudation of research and innovation devision in 2005, we can now consider ourselves an inovativ and creativ engeneering office. Due to the cooperation with the technical universities and other research institutes, we are making active use of research for innovative products as well as acquire additional competence in the visionary field and therefore gaining a competitive advantage.

The findings and the acquired knowledgewill be implemented in structural design of wood construction, as well as steel and glass construction.


DI Dr.-techn. Richard Woschitz, MRICS

DI Dietmar Ronach
Head of Office / Authorized representative / Deputy department management structural engineering

Team Vienna

Lena Pallisch
Office Management / Public Relations

Christine Woschitz
Accounting / Office Management

Prok. DI Paul Track
Deputy head of the office / Head of department building physics

Markus Steinwender, MSc
Deputy department management building physics

Prok. DI Dr. techn. Julian Zotter
Head of department structural engineering / Deputy department management solid construction

Prok. Ing. Thomas Rabl
Team leader steel-aluminium-glass construction

DI Marco Fruhmann, BSc
Deputy team leader steel-aluminium-glass construction

DI Dr. techn. Matthias Rinnhofer
Team leader timber construction

Prok. Ing. Anton Oster, MSc
Deputy team leader timber construction

Ing. Martin Kainz
Team leader solid construction


Team Structural engineering

Timber: DI Dr. techn. Matthias Rinnhofer, BSc,  Prok. Ing. Anton Oster MSc, Ing. Matthias Birnbaumer, HBM. DI Matthias Österreicher, BSc, Ing. Daniel Kettner,  HBM. Michael Seidl

Steel | Glass | Aluminium: Prok. DI Dietmar Ronach, Prok. Ing. Thomas Rabl, DI Marco Fruhmann, BSc, DI Birgit Hauer, Ing. Christian Kucher, DI Florian Ofner, BSc

Concrete: Ing. Martin Kainz, Prok. DI Dr.-techn. Julian Zotter, DI Petr Cada, DI Marzena Depta, DI Josip Gogic, BSc,  DI Christian Sulyok BSc, DI Norbert Toth

Team Building physics

Prok. DI Paul Track, Markus Steinwender MSc, Mathias Baldauf, Nicolas Constantinou MSc, Vanessa Edelmann, DI Erik Horvath, Ing. Christina Hasenmayer, DI Christine Rollenitz, DI Andreas Sarkany

Team International

Prok. DI Dietmar Ronach, Prok. DI Dr.-techn. Julian Zotter

Team Wolkersdorf

Ing. Anton Oster, MSc
Authorized Signatory

Bmstr. DI Martina Getz
Building physics

Team Carinthia

Carmen Messner
Office Management

DI Dietmar Ronach
Head of Office /Authorized representative / Deputy department management structural engineering

DI Svetlana Hye-Hyeburg-Urdl
Team leader solid construction

DI Hans-Jörg Schaunigg
Deputy team leader solid construction

Team Solid construction

DI Svetlana Hye-Hyeburg-Urdl, DI Hans-Peter Hye-Hyeburg, Kurt Michenthaler

Team Infrastructure construction

DI Hans-Jörg Schaunigg, Ing. Michael Schwarz, Ing. Roman Tramoy-Weger

Team Building physics

DI Astrid Lugger

Team International

Prok. DI Dietmar Ronach, DI Svetlana Hye-Hyeburg-Urdl


Structural Engineering

We create together with architects out of various materials such as reinforced concrete, steel or wood structures that meets both technical and design specifications. Here a functioning interaction between architects and engineers is essential.


Neither should the construction be determined by architecture, nor vice versa. Ideal for all involved partys, therefore, is to identify and explore the possibilities of the support structure already in the planning phase and include them effectively. From the first moment of the brainstorming and idea finding, we work, and think toghether with the architects to come up with the best technical implementation, and thanks to our know-how team we implement the formal language of the architects appropriately.

In this way we develope innovative structural concepts and solutions that meet both requirements of the client as well as the architects.

Building Physics

Based on our long-term experience in building physics and a wide range of knowledge in economic efficiency around construction projects our goal is to optimize the energy consumption respectively decrease the needs without compromising the life quality. Especially in view of rising energy prices it is economically recomanded and will gain importance in the future.

Besides the purely economic aspects we also keep a close eye on environmental impact. The sustainability of the measures implemented are a key element/ central objective for us.

Our solution capability in the area of physics includes not only thermal issues, but also the sound insulation and fire protection. In tangible terms, we also create the building pass, which contains a wider range of information than the conventional energy certificates.

Construction Management

We offer since 1999  services of building support in accordance to  the Act on the Coordination of Construction Works (BauKG), as well as the overall package of the local construction supervision and construction managemnet.  Our companies are involved in executive functions on a project or building. We take over the site supervision and coordination on the construction site in order to ensure the proper execution of the work and as well the fulfillment of conditions.

The Woschitz Group in Burgenland has a leading role. Following the dialogue with the labor Inspectorate initial findings from the construction work coordination have already been included in the legal texts.

Client / Developer Consulting

We provide comprehensive construction management consulting services for the  developer/owner in his duties and responsibilities as a builder through our knowledge, our experience and expertise in the field of the construction and real estate industry. Thus we enable the public and private owners even those  who operate outside the sectore, to make competent and sustainable choices during the development, the construction and use of a building.

Our goal is to realize the proposed project in accordance with the wishes and requirements in a apropriate quality, efficiently and commercially feasible  using the vast and longtime experience for public institutions as well as for private builders.

From the concept through development, implementation and use to disposal or Recycling – providing all of these services in all stages from a single source and rely on its own know-how – the associate offices of Woschitz-Group and a team of qualified and experienced specialists in the field of construction and real estate industry realise your projects

Research & Innovation

Due to our wide range of services in the field of civil engineering, we can count on  the extensive knowledge of innovative people. Through the participation in all kind of projects we can offer targeted research and development of services and products.

In order to enable structured work, the implementation is carried out according to lean development. All project partners are involved right from the beginning and all work packages are processed together with external partners and customers.

The field of activity is divided into the following points:

  • Contract Research
  • Cooperation in research projects
  • Cosortium leading of national and international research projects


Here are some of the most important projects in which we were involved over the years.

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