We add stability to vision.

This sentence characterizes our actions. Not only in the structural design, but in all of our business relationships and projects. We enthusiastically contribute to transformations of ideas, dreams and visions in something solid and stable.

The Enterprise

The first company of Woschitz Group was founded in 1996 by Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Richard Woschitz. Today the Group includes already six companies. A network of civil engineering offices in Vienna, Feldkirchen (RWT Plus), Eisenstadt, Oberwart (Woschitz Engineering) and Mödling (DWP engineers) forms the basis of our activity. Moreover the competence centers for project development (Pannonia Consult) and property valuation (InterREC). As an official expert we also elaborate findings and reports.

Core competencies are the structural design, building physics, energy design, construction management and infrastructure, as well as general consultant in terms of a holistic construction management. The basis for the innovation strategy of our group, are the four corporate philosophy elements, employee qualification, long-standing client relationships as well as the division of competences and leadership, which act as stabilizing forces. To do pioneering work, is one of the basic principles of our activity, and is a key aspect in order to advance in application of technology.

our services

Our Philosophy

The Fascination beautiful buildings

There is only one thing that is even more beautiful for us than beautiful buildings, namely to contribute to its development and implementation. Exactly this is what we love to do. With enthusiasm, creativity and determination

We strive for a symbiosis, an interdisciplinary collaboration with the architects. We view our greatest strength in being able to transform innovative design ideas through our technical expertise into reality. Therefor we are the perfect sparring partner for the architects.

In close cooperation we can implement original, artistic concepts. Do to our motto: We add stability to vision.

The area research and innovation plays an important role for us. We want to perform pioneering work, looking for new challenges, we aim to stimulate innovative solutions, we want to create innovative, because stability is good, but standstill is the worst.


Holistic construction Management

The structural design of lightweight materials in particular of wood construction was the beginning of our corporate group. Today, the company’s ranges of services goes far beyond. So we also deal intensively with the physics, reveal aspects of thermal insulation, the fire and noise protection, take care of the building climate and energy design in order to operate as efficiently and sustainably as posible.

In our role as general consultant we advise, inform and actively support our clients/developers, take over the site supervision and coordination on the construction, construction management and controlling up to project development and brokerage, real estate valuation, expertises and reports as a legally sworn and certified expert. We herewith ensure that projects meet the client needs and wishes and will be implemented in accordance with the qualitative, financial and scheduling requirements.




Richard Woschitz

Richard Woschitz ended his job as an university assistant at the chair of Institute for Science of Structural Design and Wood Construction Engineering at the Technical University of Vienna and founded the RW structural planning, which operate in 2005 under the name RWT Plus GmbH.


DI Wolfgang Vasko

The civil engineering office of DI Wolfgang Vasko was founded in 1976. It is connected to the office of Richard Woschitz in Burgenland for common Vasko-Woschitz Engineering ZT GmbH. Core business: statics and building physics.


Research and Innovation

The company‘s research and innovation devision was founded. In cooperation with the technical universities and other research institutes, we are making active use of research for innovative products.


Woschitz Engineering

Vasko-Woschitz Engineering become Woschitz Engineering. The company headquarters remains in Eisenstadt.



In June, Woschitz Engineering opened an additional office in Oberwart.


Findings & Evaluation

As generally sworn and court certified expert Richard Woschitz elaborates findings and avaluations.


Structural Engineering award

Richard Woschitz is awarded with the Vienna civil engineering prize.


Honorific timber - construction master

Richard Woschitz is also awarded the honorary title of Wood Construction Master hc.


Civil Engineer Franz Dinhobl & Pannonia Consult

Richard Woschitz took over the Ziviltechniker Franz Dinhobl company and renamed it DWP (Dinhobl Woschitz and Partners). The company headquarters remains at the same location in Mödling.

Andreas Gauster and Richard Woschitz started the Pannonia Consult GmbH, another company within the Woschitz Group. Before then Andreas Gauster was the construction manager at Woschitz Engineering. He takes over the management of Pannonia Consult GmbH.


Woschitz Group & Real estate valuation

In February, the Woschitz Group was founded.

The InterREC, (International Real Estate Consulting), opened another business segment with focus on real estate valuation and herewith a new business area for Woschitz Group.

The companies of Woschitz Group

Mastermind Richard Woschitz

Born on March 21, 1966 in Oberpullendorf.  In 1980 Richard Woschitz attended  the department of civil engineering in the HTBLuVA in Mödling. Subsequently he studied building construction, with the focus on construction engineering at the Technical University of Vienna and graduated in 1991 with an engineering degree. After teaching as a university assistant at the Technical University of Vienna, Institute for Science of Structural Design and Wood Construction Engineering, as well as at the Higher Federal Teaching and Research Institute in Mödling field structural engineering, he graduated  in 1996 as a Doctorate of Technical Sciences. He is still teaching at the Vienna University of Technology.

In 1996 Richard Woschitz founded with his first company „RW Structural Engineering“. As a civil engineer his specialty areas are structural engineering, wood construction, steel construction, reinforced concrete construction, glass construction and property valuation. Today he works as general consultant in areas like Vienna, Burgenland, Niederösterreich and Kärnten and leads the Woschitz Group with its six companies.

TEAM Woschitz group

DI Christoph Bauer BSc, IWE
Executive Assistant
Head of Research and Innovation
Internal controlling
Quality management
IT / system administrator

Renate Heinrich
Quality Management, Controlling

Anna-Lena Strauß
Forschung & Innovation, Begleitende Kontrolle

Annika Kanz
Office Management

Paul Seltenhammer
Research & Innovation

Laura Scheibelhofer
Technical assistance

Kevin Wielander
Research & Innovation

Christian Stransky

Erwin Grosinger